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Essential oils, Aromatic oils & Oil Resins

The volatile, aromatic oils obtained by the steam of hydro distillation of a plant material are known as essential oils. Some essential oils, such as citrus oils are produced by the cold pressing of the fruit/peel. Kuber Impex offers an unmatched range of pure organic essential oil, herbal essential oil, which find application in cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other industries. These pure essential oils are strictly quality checked to ensure their quality and authenticity.

KIL Code Product Name Botanical Name Plant Part Extraction Method
EO-01 Ajowan Trachyspermum Ammi Seed S/D
EO-02 Angelica Root Oil Angelica Archangel
EO-03 Ambrette Seed Ext Hibiscus Abelmoschus
EO-04 Anis Seed Oil
EO-05 Anise Oil Pimpinella anisum
EO-06 Apricot Oil Prunus Armeniaca
EO-07 Amber Attar
EO-08 Amber Attar -II
EO-19 Almond Oil Sweet
EO-10 Almond Oil Bitter
EO-11 Avocado Oil Persea Americana
EO-12 Amyris Amyris Balsamifera Wood S/D
EO-13 Angelica Angelica Archangelica Root S/D
EO-14 Armoise Artemisia Herba Alba Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-15 Basil Ocimum Basilicum Exotic Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-16 Basil Oil (Tulasi) Ocimum Canum
EO-17 Bay Oil
EO-18 Borage Oil
EO-19 Bergamote Citrus Bergamia Fruit Peel C/P
EO-20 Benzoin Siam Styrax Tonkinensis Resin S/E
EO-21 Betel Piper Betle Leaf S/D
EO-22 Black Pepper Piper Nigrum Fruit S/D
EO-23 Blue Chamomile Oil
EO-24 Benzoin Extra
EO-25 Betel Leaf Oil
EO-26 Cajeput Oil
EO-27 Cajuput Oil Melaleuca Cajuputi
EO-28 Chamomile Oil- Roman Tanacetum Annuum
EO-29 Chamomile Oil- German Matricaria Chamom
EO-30 Camphor Oil Cinnamomum
EO-31 Caraway Oil Carum Carvi
EO-32 Cardamom Oil Small
EO-33 Cardamom oil Big
EO-34 Capsicum Oleoresin Capsicum Anuum
EO-36 Carrot Seed Oil Daucus Carota
EO-37 Cassia Oil  Cassia Fistula
EO-38 Cedarwood Oil
EO-39 Cedar Leaf Oil
EO-40 Celery Seed Oil Apium Graveolens
EO-41 Cedar Oil Himalayan Cedrus Deodara
EO-42 Cedar Extract Cedrus Deodara
EO-43 Citronella Oil Java Cymobogon Nardus
EO-44 Cinnamon Bark Oil Cinnamonum Zeyl.
EO-45 Cinnamon Leaf Oil Cinnamonum Zeyl.
EO-46 Citronella Oil
EO-47 Clary Sage Oil Salvia Sclarea
EO-48 Clove Bud Oil Eugenia Caryophyllata
EO-49 Clove Oil Eugenia Caryophyllata
EO-50 Coriander Oil Coriandrum sativum
EO-51 Coriander Seed Oil
EO-52 Cubeb Oil Piper Cubeba
EO-53 Cumin Seed Oil Cuminum Cyminum
EO-54 Curry Leaf Oil Murraya Koenigi
EO-55 Curry Leaves Oil Murraya Koenigi
EO-56 Cypress oil Cyperus Scariosus
EO-57 Castor Oil Pharma Grad
EO-58 Castor Oil Cosmetic Grade
EO-59 Castor Oil Tech. Grade
EO-60 Camphor Powder
EO-61 Camphor Tablets
EO-62 Calamus Acorus Calamus Stem S/D
EO-63 Cardamom Green Elettaria Cardamomum Seed S/D
EO-64 Carrot Daucus Carota Seed S/D
EO-65 Cedarwood Cedrus Deodara Wood S/D
EO-66 Celery Seed Apium Graveolens Seed S/D
EO-67 Chamomile Blue Matricaria Chamomilla Flower S/D
EO-68 Cinnamon Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Leaf S/D
EO-69 Citronella Cymbopogon Nardus Plant S/D
EO-70 Clary Sage Salvia Sclarea Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-71 Clove Bud Eugenia Caryophyllata Bud S/D
EO-72 Clove Leaf Eugenia Caryophyllata Leaf S/D
EO-73 Coriander Coriandrum Sativum Seed S/D
EO-74 Costus Root Sassurea Lappa Root S/D
EO-75 Cubeb (Kabab Chini) Piper Cubeba Fruit S/D
EO-76 Cumin Seed Cuminum Cyminum C-30% Fruit/Seed S/D
EO-77 Curcuma Aromatica Curcuma Aromatica Salisb Rhizome S/D
EO-78 Curry Leaf Murraya Koenigz Leaf S/D
EO-79 Dill Seed Oil Anethum Sowa
EO-80 D-Carvon 99% Anethum Sowa
EO-81 Davana Artemisia Pallens Herb S/D
EO-82 Elemi Canarium Commune Wood S/D
EO-83 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf S/D
EO-84 Eucalyptus (Citriodora) Oil Eucalyptus citriodora
EO-85 Elemi Oil Us
EO-86 Evening Primrose Oil
EO-87 Eucalyptus Oil Globulos
EO-88 Eucalyptus Oil Citriodor
EO-89 Evening Primrose Oil
EO-90 Fir Needle Abies Siberica Needle & Twigs S/D
EO-91 Frankincense Boswellii Carteri Trunk S/D
EO-92 Fennel Seed Oil Foeniculum Vulgare
EO-93 German Chamomile Oil
EO-94 Garlic Oil Allium Sativum
EO-95 Glycerine
EO-96 Galangal oil Large Kaempferia Galanga L.
EO-97 Glangal Oil Small Kaempferia Galanga L.
EO-98 Geranium Oil Pelargonium Roseum
EO-99 Ginger Oil Zingiber Officinale
EO-100 Ginger Grass Oil Cymbopogon Martini, Sofia
EO-101 Grapefruit Oil Citrus Paradisii
EO-102 Grape Seed Oil Citrus Paradisii
EO-103 Galangal Alpine Galangal Root S/D
EO-104 Galbanum Ferula Galbaniflua Resin S/D
EO-105 Geranium Pelargonium Graveolens Leaf S/D
EO-106 Ginger Zingiber Officinalis Root S/D
EO-107 Ginger Grass Cymbopogon Martini Grass S/D
EO-108 Grape Fruit Citrus Paradisi Fruit C/P
EO-109 Hedychium (Ginger Lily) Hedychium Spicatum Stem S/D
EO-110 Holy Basil Ocimum Sanctum Exotic Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-111 Harsingar (Parijat) Nyctanthes Arbortristis
EO-112 Heeng Oil Ferula Foetida
EO-113 Hyssop Oil
EO-114 Hinna Attar -II
EO-115 Jatamansi Nardostachys Jatamansi Root S/D
EO-116 Juniper Berry Juniperus Communis Fruit S/D
EO-117 Jamrosa Oil Cymbopogon Khasians
EO-118 Jasmine Abs Jasminum Grandiflor.
EO-119 Jasmine Sambac Abs. Jas. Offic. Sambac
EO-120 Jasmine ABS
EO-121 Jasmine Attar
EO-122 Jasmine Sambac
EO-123 Jasmine Sambac Attar
EO-124 Jojoba Oil Simmondsia Chinensis
EO-125 Kapoor Kachri Hedychium Spicatum Stem/Root S/D
EO-126 Kalaunji Oil Nigella Sativa
EO-127 Kalaunji Oil Fatty Nigella Sativa
EO-128 Kapoor Kachery Oil Hydechium (North)
EO-129 Kapoor Katchery Oil Hydechium (South)
EO-130 Karanj Seed Oil Pongamia Pinnata
EO-131 Khus (Ruh)
EO-132 Khus Attar (Ruh) -II
EO-133 Kewra Attar -I
EO-134 Kewra –II
EO-135 Lavendin (Grosso) Lavendula Hybrida Flowers S/D
EO-136 Lavender Lavendula Angustifolia Mill. Flowers S/D
EO-137 Lemon Citrus Limonun Peel C/P
EO-138 Lemon Grass Cymbopogon Flexuosus Grass S/D
EO-139 Lime Citrus Aurantifolia/Citrus Medica Fruit S/D
EO-140 Lime Terpeneless Citrus Aurantifolia/Citrus Medica Fruit S/D
EO-141 Lemon Eucalyptus Oil 
EO-142 Lemon Verbena Oil
EO-143 Litsea Cubeba Oil
EO-144 Lavender Oil Lavandula Latifolia
EO-145 Lichen Oil
EO-146 Lime Oil Citrus Aurantifolia
EO-147 Linalool Ex-Basil Ocimum Basilicum
EO-148 Linalool Ex-Citerata Mentha Aquatica/Viridis
EO-149 Lotus Indian (Attar)
EO-150 Lotus Indian –II
EO-151 Mace Myristica Fragrans Fruit S/D
EO-152 Mandarin Citrus Reticulata Fruit C/P
EO-153 Mandarin Red Citrus Reticulata Fruit C/P
EO-154 Mentha Arvensis Mentha Arvensis Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-155 Mentha Citrata Mentha Citrata Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-156 Mentha Piperita Mentha Piperita Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-157 Menthol Liquid
EO-158 Mandarin Oil 
EO-159 Melissa Oil
EO-160 Myrtle Oil
EO-161 Mace Oil Myristica Fragrans
EO-162 Mahua Oil Madhuca Indica
EO-163 Mandarine Oil Citrus reticulata
EO-164 Marjoram Oil Thymus mastichina
EO-165 Mentha Citerata Oil Mentha Aquatica/Viridis
EO-166 Mentha Piperita Oil Mentha Piperetta
EO-167 Myrrh Oleo. Commophora Myrrha
EO-168 Marigold Oil
EO-169 Mitti Attar (Ruh-E-Jannat)
EO-170 Mitti Attar (Ruh-E-Jannat) II
EO-171 Motia
EO-172 Motia –II
EO-173 Menthone 99%
EO-174 Methyl Chavicol
EO-175 Nagar Motha Cyperus Rotundus/Scariosus Stem/Root S/D
EO-176 Nutmeg Myristica Fragrans Fruit S/D
EO-177 Niaouli Oil
EO-178 Narakachur Oil Hedychium Spicatum
EO-179 Neem Oil Azadirachta Indica
EO-180 Neroli Oil Citrus Aurantium Amara
EO-181 Nutmeg Oil Myristica Fragrans
EO-182 N-Menthol Bold Crystals
EO-183 N-Menthol Small Crystals
N-Menthol Fine Flakes
EO-184 N-Menthol Melted Flakes
EO-185 N-Crude Mentha Oil
EO-186 N-De-Mentholised Oil
EO-187 Olibanum Boswellia Carterii Trunk S/D
EO-188 Orange Bitter Citrus Aurantium Peel S/E
EO-189 Orange Sweet Citrus Sineasis Peel C/P
EO-190 Oregano Oil
EO-191 Palmarosa Cymbopogon Martini Grass S/D
EO-192 Patchouli Pogostemon Cablis Leaf S/D
EO-193 Peppermint Mentha Piperita Leaf & Flower S/D
EO-194 Pimento Berry Pimento Officinalis Fruit S/D
EO-195 Pimento Leaf Pimento Officinalis Leaf S/D
EO-196 Parsley Seed Oil
EO-197 Peppermint Oil Ex- Arvensis
EO-198 Petitgrain Oil
EO-199 Palmarosa Oil Cymbopogon martini
EO-200 Parsley Oil Petroselinum Crispum
EO-201 Patchouli Oil Pogostemon Pacculi
EO-202 Petitgrain, Mandarine Citrus reticulata
EO-203 Pimiento Berry Oil Pigmentum
EO-204 Pomegranite Oil Punica Grantum
EO-205 Pine Oil Pinus Nigra
EO-206 Pumpkin Oil Cucurbita Pepo
EO-207 Rose Rose Damascena Flower S/D
EO-208 Rosemary Rosemaninus Officcnals Leaf S/D
EO-209 Rosewood Aniba Rosaedora Wood S/D
EO-210 Rose, Absolute Rosa Damascena
EO-211 Red thyme Oil 50% Rosmarinus Officinalis
EO-212 Roman Chamomile Oil
EO-213 Rose Essential Oil
EO-214 Rose Oil II
EO-215 Sandalwood Santalum Album Wood S/D
EO-216 Spearmint Mentha Spicata Leaf S/D
EO-217 Spikenard (Jatamansi) Nardostachys Jatamansi Root S/D
EO-218 Sugandh Kokila Laurus Nobilis Fruit S/D
EO-219 Sugandh Mantri Gandhi Roots Root S/D
EO-220 Sweet Fennel Seed Oil
EO-221 Sage Oil
EO-222 Spikenard Oil 
EO-223 St. John's Wort Oil
EO-224 Shamama Attar
EO-225 Shamama Attar –II
EO-226 Sugandh Kokila
EO-227 Sugandh Kokila –II
EO-228 Sugandh Bala Pavonia Odorata
EO-229 Sugandh Bala –II
EO-230 Sugandh Mantri
EO-231 Sugandh Mantri –II
EO-232 Sandalwood Oil Sandalwood Oil
EO-233 Sesame Seed Oil Sesamum Orientale
EO-234 Shilajit Ext Ashpaltum
EO-235 Spearmint Oil Mentha Spicata
EO-236 Spikenard (Nardo) Oil Nardostachys Jatamansi
EO-237 Tagetes Tagetes Minuta Flowering Herb S/D
EO-238 Tea Tree Melaleuca Alternifolia Leaf S/D
EO-239 Tomar Zanthoxylam/Aratum/Piperitum Seed S/D
EO-240 Turmeric Curcuma Longa / Curcumin 35% Rhizome S/D
EO-241 Thymol Crystals
EO-242 Thymol Ex-Ajowan
EO-243 Tarragon Oil
EO-244 Thyme Oil
EO-245 Turmeric Oil
EO-246 Tagetes Oil Tagetes Patula
EO-247 Tea-Tree Oil Melaleuca Alternifolia
EO-248 Thuja Oil
EO-249 T. P. Liquid Oil 99%
EO-250 Tomar Seed Oil Zanthoxylum
EO-251 Turmeric Leaf Oil Curcuma Longa
EO-252 Turmeric Root Oil Curcuma Longa
EO-253 Valerian Valeriana Wallichii Root S/D
EO-254 Vetiver Oil – I Vetiveria Zizanoides
EO-255 Vetiver Oil - II Vetiveria Zizanoides
EO-256 Wintergreen Oil
EO-257 Wheat Germ Oil
EO-258 Winter Green Oil Gaultheria Procumbens
EO-259 Vetiver Vetiveria Zizanoides Roots S/D
EO-260 Ylang Ylang Cananga Odorata Flower S/D
EO-261 Yarrow Oil 
EO-262 Yara Yara Powder
EO-263 Ylang Ylang Cananga Odorata
EO-264 Zafri Attar
EO-265 Zafri Attar –II

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